DISS Health Care Products

Not only do we sell medical equipment, we also distribute imaging consumables used day to day at hospitals and centers around Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. In response to the vast changing needs of the radiology market we strive to provide solutions to different imaging centers and hospitals. From conventional processing chemicals and films to imaging accessories, we are always in constant search of how we can better service the needs of different modalities within medical imaging.

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Search our online catalog for Health Care Products were you can find our current product offerings in the following categories:
Contrast Media & Enema Tips
Darkroom & Viewing
Envelopes, Film Filling & Storage
Exam Tables & Chairs
Film, Cassettes & More
Conventional Films
Digital Films
General Accessories
Patient Positioning
Utility Carts
Mammography Products
MRI Products & Accessories
Paper & Media
Protective Apparel & Racks
Ultrasound Products