Swearingen Point of View.

NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE USER EXPERIENCE. You have to live with the radiology software you use, day in and out. When it works, it fits like a second skin. There’s no break in work flow, no having to stop and ponder.

SOFTWARE COMPANIES HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT. They make users adapt to their software, rather than the other way around. Natural work flow is compromised, time lost, stress increased.

SWEARINGEN MAKES THE USER EXPERIENCE IMPORTANT AGAIN.We start by listening. We want to know how your radiology software might serve you better. We’re especially interested in how you would describe your perfect RIS — because that’s the experience we seek to deliver.

Customer Satisfaction Principles

Randall Swearingen built Swearingen Software on principles that revolve around customer satisfaction. In fact, customer satisfaction is the most important single factor that goes into the day-to-day decisions.

Customer Satisfaction is also the driving force behind our annual users group conferences and the daily brainstorming sessions held at these events. Swearingen Software customers know that they have significant input on the direction that our software is taking. RISynergy® is designed based on customer input. Randall knows that our customers use RISynergy® daily, therefore, it has the capabilities they actually need, instead of what we think it should have.

While other vendors strive for maximum profitability, Swearingen Software focuses on achieving maximum customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding customer expectations. The bottom line is that Randall Swearingen believes that customer satisfaction is not just an option, it is the natural extension of every software package that we sell.

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