The combination of PET to visualize the biological processes of life and the anatomical imaging capabilities of CT, offers the finest resolution1 in the industry of 87mm3 based on 400×400 matrix recon PET•CT imaging, providing diagnostic confidence.

PET/MR Scanner / Molecular MR
A system that brings a revolution in diagnostic imaging to life. For the first time, state-of-the-art 3T MRI and cutting-edge molecular imaging are fully integrated as one.

Accurate1 xSPECT2 alignment and total integration of SPECT and CT deliver the ability to not only image disease, but to leverage high resolution to identify and follow disease over time with quantitative capabilities to adjust treatment earlier

From general SPECT to state-of-the-art, multislice SPECT•CT, the broadest spectrum of configurations and options to meet each price point and need.

Cyclotron and Chemistry Solutions
The expertise to provide total solutions for PET imaging biomarker production from research to clinical imaging.

Preclinical Imaging
Preclinical PET, SPECT and CT small animal clinical imaging solutions provide insight into disease biology and the evaluation of novel therapies in small animal mouse and rat models of diseases.

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