syngo – See results.

syngo medical imaging software makes reading, storing, and sharing clinical images easier and more efficient than ever. Its innovative technology transforms the power of imaging equipment into tangible clinical benefits. A common user interface across all modalities streamlines radiologists’ work, boosting productivity. And mobile access capabilities make it possible to view images and findings anywhere1 and on many devices, providing a whole new level of flexibility. To put it briefly: in terms of quality, efficiency, and patient outcomes, syngo enables healthcare facilities to see real results.

syngo.via – the 3D routine and advanced reading software
The syngo.via2 3D routine and advanced reading solution helps to accelerate workflows across all modalities.

syngo.plaza – the agile PACS and reading software
syngo.plaza is the agile PACS solution for the clinical routine. It is the first PACS from Siemens that enables fast reading in any dimension.

syngo Dynamics – the cardiovascular imaging software
syngo Dynamics Cardiovascular Imaging and Information System (CVIS) provides personalization of the healthcare providers’ workspace.

syngo.share – the smart VNA software
syngo.share is the smart Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) from Siemens. It empowers healthcare institutions to efficiently manage and share clinical imaging data.

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