Leading. With MAGNETOM. The definitive portfolio for MRI.

Whether you are just beginning to work with MRI or you are at the forefront of research. With Siemens MAGNETOM® MRI systems, you can be sure to lead. In your clinical field, your research, your business environment – to achieve our joint mission of advancing human health.

0.35T to 1.5T MRI Scanners
A new standard for efficiency, ease of use and care. Each scanner has been built with the needs of diverse hospitals and institutions in mind.

3T MRI Scanners
Our portfolio for innovation, productivity, economics – always secure, always ahead. And always dedicated to advance human health.

7T MRI Scanner
Our research platform to explore in depth and reach high goals. Push the boundaries of what’s possible in research.

MR-PET Scanner / Molecular MRI
A system that brings a revolution in diagnostic imaging to life. State-of-the-art 3T MRI and cutting-edge molecular imaging are fully integrated as one.

Clinical Imaging Applications
The syngo.via 3D routine and advanced reading solution helps to accelerate workflows across all modalities.

MRI-guided Therapy
Bringing the excellence of magnetic resonance imaging to therapy – for more confidence and added value.

Options and Upgrades
With Siemens innovative Options & Upgrades you can extend the lifespan of your MAGNETOM® MRI scanners – keeping them state of the art and reducing total cost of ownership.

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