Introducing groundbreaking CT products and services for decades, Siemens is known as the innovation leader: Innovating to maximize clinical outcome, and to contribute to patients’ well-being by to minimizing radiation and contrast media dosage means improving quality of life. Because for Siemens second best is not an option.

Dual Source CT
Moving beyond the simple adding of detector rows, SOMATOM Dual Source scanners use two X-ray sources and two detectors at the same time.

Single Source CT
From 2-slice to 128-slice data acquisition, the SOMATOM single source CT portfolio offers the ideal solution for every clinical environment.

Clinical Imaging Solutions
CT Clinical Engines advance your diagnostic possibilities, supporting you in better understanding diseases and in making the right treatment decisions in Oncology, Neurology, Cardiology and Acute Care.

Options and Upgrades
With Siemens innovative Options & Upgrades you can extend the lifespan of your SOMATOM® systems – keeping them state of the art and reducing total cost of ownership.

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