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Powerful Diagnostic Reporting with Flexibility for the Radiologist


This is Nuance Healthcare’s flexible web-based speech recognition reporting solution that integrates easily into your existing radiology workflow. About 40% of all radiologists in the U.S. use PowerScribe for Radiology at over 1,100 provider organizations.

The instant availability of PowerScribe for Radiology-dictated reports dramatically raises the level of service that diagnostic departments offer. PowerScribe for Radiology-enabled radiologists generate annual transcription industry savings of over $200 million. Radiologists also report increased referrals by faster availability of reports, making hospital-based radiology departments and free-standing imaging centers more competitive. Alternatively, should a radiologist choose, the dictated report can be produced through back-end speech recognition and quickly edited by a transcriptionist.Using PowerScribe for Radiology, a web-based application, radiologists can turn around reports within seconds. Since radiologists can sign off on a completed report while viewing the original image, the need to double-check reports returning from transcription is eliminated. As a result, PowerScribe for Radiology not only boosts radiologist efficiency, it also improves referring physician satisfaction, enhanced patient care, and yields significant cost savings. PowerScribe for Radiology offers three dictation styles to accommodate physician preferences:

1. Real-Time Speech Recognition with Self-Editing - Real-time speech recognition allows radiologists to view recognized text during or at the end of dictation. They can edit it using keyboard, mouse, and standard word processor tools, or with voice editing—voice commands and microphone controls to correct and navigate the document. Radiologists also have the option of hands-free dictation—using a USB headset and foot pedal. The software immediately recognizes spoken word changes and allows for additions anywhere in the report.

2. Speech Recognition with Delegated Editing - Radiologists do not edit their own reports; instead, their speech-recognized draft report is forwarded to a transcriptionist/editor for correcting and formatting. Transcription time and costs are reduced as reports no longer have to be keyboarded from start to finish. Recorded dictation and recognized text are linked for “edit while listening” for greater accuracy and efficiency.

3. Traditional Transcription - The dictation of locum tenens physicians is transcribed without speech-recognized draft reports and without physician training.

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