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Mammography iCAD


The Second Look Digital from iCAD offers you the most effective Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) choice for the early detection of breast cancer.

  • Offers unmatched productivity to reliably handle high case volumes
  • Delivers maximum sensitivity and optimal performance to enhance patient care
  • Helps detect up to 72% of actionable missed cancers to reduce oversight error
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing systems to improve workflow


Industry-Leading Performance Drives Results

  • Delivers maximum sensitivity
  • Provides optimal performance
  • Helps detect up to 72% of actionable missed breast cancers to reduce oversight error
  • Clear Marking Logic and Digital Viewing Speeds Workflow
  • Clearly marks without obscuring the region of interest for faster, more precise reads
  • Generates CAD results that can be sent to a network printer or viewed on digital review stations and all DICOM viewers within the enterprise


Unmatched Productivity Meets Volume Demands

  • Reliably handles high volumes
  • Enables priority queuing of cases
  • Supports up to four digital acquisition stations


SpectraLook with ADvue


Breast MRI CAD SpectraLook™ is the next generation in Breast MRI CAD analysis solutions. This technology uses an algorithm based on All Time Points (ATP) which provides enhanced diagnostic information and improves workflow efficiency. ATP technology allows SpectraLook to automatically perform image processing and analysis saving time by eliminating the need for clinicians or technologists to perform some of these tasks. ATP analysis is based on an advanced pharmacokinetic model that creates colorized images and calculates numerical values of key physiological parameters allowing the user to discern the different biological processes taking place in malignant versus benign lesions. These key physiological markers can aid in the analysis of large MR data sets.

MRI Image Review, Analysis and Reporting

CADvue™ is a robust image review and analysis software solution that provides maximum functionality, facilitating the analysis of All Time Point (ATP) colorized images and quantitative data. CADvue allows the user to create standard and customized reports that enable the user to communicate time-sensitive breast MR study results to referring physicians. The reports provide detailed and comprehensive information that is critical to the identification and analysis of abnormalities. 3D colorized images within the report assist clinicians to effectively communicate options to their patients. The CADvue workstation maximizes review and reporting functionality with customizable analysis tools and fully integrated BI-RADS® reports.