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Instantly convert to DR workflow and productivity

Upgrade to the speed and image quality of DR – without having to replace or modify expensive x-ray equipment. FDR D-EVO’s 14″x17″, light, portable, flat panel detector fits standard cassette holders and bucky devices with no modifications, quickly turning any room into a DR room with incredible versatility. FDR D-EVO easily converts your existing x-ray equipment to DR without a major investment, allowing you to perform everything from routine upright and table exams to cross table and just about any free cassette-based exam with ease.

Light, thin, easy to use

At just 6 pounds, FDR D-EVO’s lightweight design allows faster positioning and reduced strain for technologists. FDR D-EVO is easy to carry, and because it has the same dimensions as a standard-sized cassette, it gives technologists maximum versatility in positioning. At only ½” thick, it slides easily under patients and fits standard buckys and holders.

High image quality – lower dose

Fujifilm’s sophisticated imaging technologies and advanced processing bring the image quality of FDR D-EVO Wireless to the next level. The detector features 150 micron pixel pixel pitch and a wide, 16-bit dynamic range with exposure times up to 3.8 seconds. This revolutionary new detector also features Fujifilm’s patented ISS (Irradiation Side Sampling) technology, which provides ultra-sharp imaging with superior dose efficiency. FDR D-EVO Wireless captures the sharpest detail for both strong and weak penetrating x-rays, making the finest details or hairline fractures more visible. FDR D-EVO Wireless features engineering innovations that achieve dose efficiency improvements by as much as 30% compared to Fujifilm CR, and as much as 40% over comparable DR detector designs.

Detachable power supply

No batteries needed! FDR D-EVO’s detachable cord offers ultra-fast image transmission, with consistent, stable power and network connectivity for uptime you can count on. FDR D-EVO provides maximum versatility for use with cross-table and gurney exams. FDR D-EVO’s detachable cord simplifies installation and maintenance, and gives you the flexibility to interchange with additional detectors and upright and table devices.