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Digital Radiology


Digital Radiology

Siemens radiography systems are designed together with users to optimize workflow and improve efficiency and convenience in your radiography department. To provide a unique and optimal approach to your daily routine we offer a product spectrum to fit every budget, from fully digital with flat detector technology, analog cassette to mobile X- ray systems. We focus on integrating cutting-edge medical technology and innovative information technology into your clinical practice, thus allowing you to concentrate on what really matters – the patient.

For your first steps into the digital world of radiography or to expand your current digital environment, we have the portfolio to offer you the right system. DR systems from Siemens fulfill your clinical needs whilst meeting your economical demands.

Ysio Max

New high-end digital radiography system that lets you experience MAX – Multiple Advances in X-ray.

Multix Fusion

Solves the challenge of meeting your needs within your budget

The New Luminos DRF

The only 2-in-1 system for fluoroscopy and radiography with Human Touch Technology.


The most direct way to the image. Driven by FAST.

Multix Select DR

Innovative technology at an economical price-level, using selected technologies from high-end X-ray products.

Luminos Agile

The first patient-side system with a flat detector, height adjustable table, and true dual use fluoroscopy & radiography capability.