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Cardiology Systems

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The Right Choice

Developed with direction from cardiologists, Synapse Cardiovascular offers capabilities and tools that help streamline workflow, image review, and reporting for a variety of cardiac areas.

Full-featured, workflow-boosting
 across all specialties
Synapse Cardiovascular helps cardiologists in a variety of clinical areas efficiently and confidently interpret exceptional images with
streamlined workflow, image review and reporting. With full image management and reporting capabilities, and tools designed specifically for nuclear cardiology, vascular ultrasound, ECG management, echocardiography and cardiac catheterization workflows, Fujifilm’s Synapse Cardiovascular is an essential addition to any clinical workplace.

One vendor, one comprehensive
Synapse Cardiovascular is a web-based, multi-modality system that is fully integrated with the entire Synapse portfolio, including Synapse PACS, 3D and RIS. Vendor- and hardware-neutral, Synapse Cardiovascular provides a convenient upgrade path to advanced virtualization capabilities for CV and hospital enterprises, with DIACAP (U.S. Department of Defense)-certified data security and Fujifilm service and support.

Synapse 3D
Boost your workflow and diagnostic confidence with Synapse 3D. Advanced tools and full integration with Synapse Cardiovascular expand your capabilities without adding complexity.

Cardiac Catheterization
Boost cath lab productivity and accuracy with a diagram-driven graphical user interface, intuitive report-preparation functions and advanced image evaluation tools.

ECG Management
Streamline ECG management workflows for both standard and stress ECG procedures by using customizable report templates, intuitive viewing tools, and direct interface with most ECG bedside and stress-test systems.

Use one-click measurement tools, pre-configured and customizable report templates, and wall motion scoring intelligence for efficient echocardiography analysis and reporting.

Nuclear Cardiology
Customize image processing, and reviewing and reporting procedures for enhanced nuclear cardiology workflows.

Vascular Ultrasound
Hundreds of measurements, interactive diagrams and customizable report templates help to boost vascular lab accuracy.