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Images — and the right information. In today’s healthcare dynamic a PACS needs to supply
both. Unique Synapse technologies were
created to accomplish this goal. For instance our PowerJacket™ allows users to access all related exams and information about a patient with one-button speed. It enhances communication between users with sticky note voice clip annotations. And it can bring interactive web based enterprise applications to the radiologist’s desktop, wherever the radiologist is working.

EMR Portal URL Integration. Many institutions are implementing web based results for referring physicians. Because more than radiologists look at images, Synapse can link seamlessly into your enterprise portal so that images can be launched directly from any PC. And this isn’t any watered down web client – it’s the full Synapse.

Get the most from Synapse – maximum performance, minimum disruption – with Fuji’s Performance Services. Our three- pronged approach includes site- specific integration, systems optimization and technical support people who are trained by the very people who built the equipment.

It’s not by chance that Fuji is leading the way in PACS technology. We were the first to convert analog x- ray exams to digital — over 20 years ago. And we’ve continued this tradition of innovation. Today, we’re one of the top global corporations in U. S. patents granted. And we’re not just smart; we’re strong with over $20 billion in sales. So grow with the green. Because we know where PACS is going and we’ve got plenty of what it takes to get you there.
On Demand™ Information Access

The right information presented in the right way, right when you need it. Synapse was designed to keep information accessible no matter where you are in the network – on or off site, fast or slow access, high-resolution monitors or a standard PC. And we’re not talking about just some information, but all of the information you need.

Cascadable™ Architecture

Synapse was designed as a software solution to PACS. All of the functions of DICOM acquisition, HL- 7 integration, database, display and storage can run on a single, modest server. No brokers. No gateways. There isn’t a PAC system anywhere that is more flexible in its deployment. Need to expand? With Synapse you simply add industry standard hardware in the form of PCs, monitors or additional servers. And because all of the functionality can run on a single server, your PACS will have a fully functioning test environment in which to test new releases from Fuji as well as any changes in your RIS, HIS, modalities or dictation system that you know will come with time.