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Digital Radiology

Siemens’ radiography systems are designed together with users to optimize workflow and improve efficiency and convenience in your radiography department.

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Digital Solutions

Images — and the right information. In today’s healthcare dynamic a PACS needs to supply
both. Unique Synapse technologies were created to accomplish...

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Cardiology Systems

Developed with direction from cardiologists, Synapse Cardiovascular offers capabilities and tools that help streamline workflow, image review...

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Continuing Education

In recent decades the field of diagnostic imaging has undergone a stunning evolution with the introduction of new high technology equipment.

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Guillermo Martín, MHSA
One of the advantages that we have achieved with DISS is out of a commercial relationship, it is like a  a partnership.  A relationship where they seek alternatives that we need in order to give the best service to our patients.
Guillermo Martín, MHSA/CEO Hospital San Lucas, Ponce
Lorainne Vázquez, MD
It really is amazing how the productivity of each radiologist has increased, with relation to the Synapse system. It really is a company that’s like family.
Lorainne Vázquez, MD/Radiology Department
Heriberto Pagán, MD
The equipment we have definitely revolutionized the hospital’s radiology department, particularly when reports are required as soon as the patient leaves the department, if possible.
The service has been fantastic, I mean, particularly because I have had other experiences with similar systems but DISS’s staff assistance has been extraordinary.
Heriberto Pagán, MD/Radiologist Hospital Auxilio Mutuo
Mercedes De Choudens, MD
In terms of equipment, the quality of service has always been A, # 1, there is quick response when you have a technical problem.
Mercedes De Choudens, MD/Radiologist
José E. Rivera
Definitely one of the reasons in which I have been a customer of DISS for the last 7 years is because their service department is superb, it is the best I’ve seen in Puerto Rico and they are always available either by phone or by email and the answer they give to solve the problem is almost immediate.
José E. Rivera/MD Aguadilla X-Ray
William Cruz, MD
The experience has been very good. The system provides us a a better management of digital imaging than what we had before.  With conventional films we did not have the capacity or accessibility of this, it also provides image storage and allows us to recover old imaging readings of the patient.
William Cruz, MD/Director of Radiology Department Hospital Auxilio Mutuo
Ricardo Rivera, MD
The transition from conventional film, to Fuji Synapse digital system was extremely easy and helped us greatly in performance.  We have a faster patient movement and reading cases with cross-sectional studies or reconstructions, having a PACS greatly facilitates the work.  In a matter of a week I was able to familiarize myself with the system and achieve to use it to its capacity.
Ricardo Rivera, MD
Francisco J. Arraiza, MD
This institution has had a direct relationship with DISS since the company began.  I am confident with the team members of DISS.  I also acknowledge that they have always been characterized by providing the most up vanguard technology, and in which brings to the radiology industry excellent technology.
Francisco J. Arraiza, MD/Radiologist Arecibo Medical Center